The Bournemouth Beach Race


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The Bournemouth Beach Race

As a Bournemouth based company Buy With Thrills Ltd is delighted to sponsor and arrange events that promotes the local area. Bournemouth's beaches are a stunningly beautiful attraction and BWT is to instigate and support a bike beach race. This exciting event is being organised for 2015.

Australia has it's horse races, the US it's car races at Daytona Beach and Bournemouth it's speed-cycling beach races?

This is an idea that combines an exciting, energetic sport with Bournemouth’s unique beaches. Call it 'Bike With Thrills'


Racing on the beach is possible when the tide ebbs, when a narrow strip of the beach becomes hard. This means a short race against one opponent in a fast, tough and exciting race, between the groynes.


And yes, you can get wet..

The races will be dramatic since physical contact is allowed and there will inevitably be a struggle to achieve the dominant position after a grand prix start. Ride too close to the softer sand and you will immediately lose speed and position.


The races will be arranged in heats between 2 opponents over 200 metres between the groynes.

There will be other sponsors and prizes.


We believe that this will be both great entertainment, energetic exercise for all entrants and, with dramatic races and a lot of interest from the public, a fun time to spend on the beach for the whole family.


If you have any questions, or would like to sponsor this event, please contact Val Gorsky or

Martin Spooner.