We Reward Loyalty With Excitement

We have a mission, and you can now become a part of it.

Our concept is new, bold and revolutionary!

Our mission is to embrace the global retail markets and influence the way we buy goods and services.


If you want to experience the excitement as an early investor in a bold, great idea: This is the moment!

BWT seek early stage investment.




Buy With Thrills is all about:


  • International Potential, our ideas offer huge potential on markets globally.
  • Enthusiasm, we are passionate and committed to success!
  • Boldness, we dare to break limits and challenge boundaries!
  • Professionalism, we just know what we are doing!


Commitment, we believe in it and just love it!


It is now possible to invest in our company as an assured scheme under the UK Governments'Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS),

and recive up to 78% tax reduction for investments up to £100,000.

Contact us soon for more information or request more details from your accountant or independent financial advisor. Be assured that BWT work closely with legal partners to offer a safe, fast and easy way to invest in BWT.




Formal non-disclosure agreements are required for us to share more detailed information, which we can provide for prospective partners and collaborators.


BWT -Online shopping is fun again. Act now. Now is the time.