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We Reward Loyalty With Excitement

The Buy With Thrills

e-commerce and marketing model.

BWT introduce innovative sales and marketing methods using the latest technology that helps SME retailers to succeed in the modern retail market. The key to our business model is a new sales & marketing concept merged with gamification, Big Data, Cryptocurrencies and other tools


Today 1 of 6 High Street stores has closed and High Street sales are declining rapidly.

Virtual Currency needs to be regulated to be accepted. BWT's business method can ensure that it will be traceable, taxable and ready for use in developing countries.

BWT introduces a new , innovative business concept, that will work exceedingly well for both online and High Street merchants. The Model splits the sales process and enables BWT to introduce new marketing and sales tools. These 'tools' incentivise our members and gives an additional sales and marketing channel for merchants . The' Incentive' event is both impulsive and thrilling and brings the opportunity to buy products with up to a 75% discount, bringing great fun to on line shopping.

In short, BWT is a new, exciting way to shop, with great rewards for our loyal members and a no results - no costs sales and marketing opportunity for our mechant clients. It's free to sign up for members.

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More Information:


Example of a Buy With Thrills e-commerce incentive event (Powerpoint).


Comments about the BWT concept:


“The Buy with Thrill’s concept is a very innovative approach to incentivising consumer sales and marketing. It builds on recent trends in social media, gamification and deal-based e-commerce. At the same time , it offers the potential for genuinely disruptive innovation across a range of retail markets, both online and offline. For investors interested in this space...”


John White, Managing Director, 4T2


"As a small retailer with just 5 physical stores and an e-commerce site, getting seen by my customers and convincing them to buy from us is without doubt the biggest challenge we face...Buy With Thrills seems to offer a ‘risk free’ alternative to traditional & online forms of marketing for exposure and footfall. If I understand the concept correctly it is also an equally innovative way to get my products talked about and sold in the marketplace both in my stores and online. We certainly hope to be a BWT merchant at launch."


Glenn Mason

Managing Director