Bournemouth High Street


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Bournemouth and The High Street

Bournemouth's High Street - in danger?


The Situation:

Bournemouth is slowly transforming. Major streets such as St Peter's road and Gervis Place, have already become almost devoid of businesses. With empty windows the stores look like ghosts from a great past.


Why do anything?

The present situation may harm the economy even more severely and irrevocably if action is not taken. An empty city centre is also an intimidating and unattractive place to live and work. This is not the message that our tourist town wishes to present to the world.


What to do?

The answer is easy, politicians and landlords should be aware of the solutions that SME's such as BWT, are presenting. It can't hurt to listen. Supporting the importance of lively city centres in a community is also crucial.


Take Action!

BWT is just one example of a local business that is thinking globally, that has relevant answers to all failing local retailing centres. We welcome an opportunity to present our message and our solution. Call us.


St Peter's rd @ 2pm 31/10/13 . A 2 years ago this was a busy street with 2 night clubs and several stores.



St Peter's road @ 2pm 31/10/13.


St Peter's road @ 2pm 31/10/13. Empty streets in the evening is bad for a good society.


St Peter's road. @ 2pm 31/10/13. If you Google map this street you will still see this club and other still open for business last year.


Gervis palce.@ 2pm 31/10/13.50 yards from Westover road