The BWT Challange


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The BWT Challenge

BWT - A startup introducing a new sales and marketing concept is looking for a technical partner in Bournemouth, Dorset, The fastest growing IT hub in UK.


The business has participated in the IBM #WatsonChallenge and has released a Beta site with a growing number of members. . It is now looking for an experienced partner in SEO, Web and Mobile development.


The challenge for interested participants is to help the site to achieve a specfic number of active members. This guarantees a 3 year contract to develop the site globally, with marketing and possible mobile apps development.


Conditions apply. Contact BWT for more information.


News and Events






BWT is looking for local Web develpers. Are you an established #SEO and #Web developer in Dorset, #UK? Read about The #BWTchallenge





BWT is nominated for "StartUp of the year #award 2015"

Dags att nominera till startuplistan 2015 - Internetworld





Buy With Thrills participate in Europioneers 2015 - European Web Entrepreneur of the Year Award






BWT in talks to implement its employee #incentive program with an UK based company. We look forward to develop the concept for specific needs.





BWT's Beta store now how 100s of Members




























BWT is looking for partners to develop Mobile Apps, games and ecommerce functionality. Are you an App developer with an entrepreneurial spirit that want to develop a new kind of Apps.. Contact us for more info.




Read the latest article about BWT in Gamer Headlines. Describing the process of bying with Thrills





Buy With Thrills pressrelease about Kickstarter and game development.




Buy With Thrills is approved for Kickstarter with start 26/12. Support development of new games.




Buy With Thrills BETA Site already has over 300 members.




Buy With Thrills Launches its Live BETA Store to test part of the concept. With added functionality as live Events and a fully functional ecommerce module.


A mobile event/game version is under development. The store is launched under its own Brand



The BWT ecommerce site






Buy With Thrills works with Dotsquares to finish a live Beta site with a fully functional ecommerce site:



Buy With Thrills and Static Games are excited to participate in the IBM Watson challenge




Buy With Thrills Launches its Beta Commerce Site



Buy With Thrills Ltd and

Static Games has written an LOI regarding development and production of future games for all platforms.



We are proud to Pre- launch our Store using the Buy With Thrills concept. Sign up and get a bonus. Don't miss out, be updated on Twitter or Facebook.



Link: Gamification of e-commerce -

The 4th wave of e-commerce disruption.



Blog: Why gamification is becoming a multi-billion dollar way to motivate people



In talks with Holbi -Multichannel e-commerce, about implementation of BWT's concept on a test site.



See BWT's photo report how Bournemouth is affected by changed commerce.



BWT is looking to acquire an active company in the software or consumer products sector to implement its innovative commerce and marketing platform/ concept.

The company in question must be older then 2 years, show a profit and a T/O of £100.000+. Contact us for more info



Buy With Thrills Ltd has made it through to the penultimate round of the Million Pound Startup where over 1000 startups from 72 countries applied. Support us at:



BWT is hiring. We are looking for front- and backend Programmers, see here..



Agreement made with Motabitz Accessories Ltd about use of BWT's Marketing and Sales Concept.


"As a small retailer with just 5 physical stores and an e-commerce site, getting seen by my customers and convincing them to buy from us is without doubt the biggest challenge we face. I imagine this would be the same for the thousands of other small and medium size retailers out there. Buy With Thrills seems to offer a ‘risk free’ alternative to traditional & online forms of marketing for exposure and footfall. If I understand the concept correctly it is also an equally innovative way to get my products talked about and sold in the marketplace both in my stores and online. We certainly hope to be a BWT merchant at launch."


Glenn Mason

Managing Director



Comment about BWT by John White, Managing Director, 4T2 :


“The Buy with Thrill’s concept is a very innovative approach to incentivising consumer sales and marketing. It builds on recent trends in social media, gamification and deal-based e-commerce. At the same time , it offers the potential for genuinely disruptive innovation across a range of retail markets, both online and offline. For investors interested in this space, I definitely recommend taking the time to meet the BwT team and explore the business potential in more detail.”


John White, Managing Director, 4T2




Buy With Thrills has booked a sales meeting with an off- and online merchant. This is our first opportunity to sign a LOI.



BWT is in contact with 3 national and international companies about its 'no sale-no cost' service.


2/7 -

Barker Bretell is prepared to assist with a patent application in UK and EU.


22/6 -

New Website released


21/6 -

Buy With Thrills are consulting with Barker Bretell on the patent application for the BWT business method for Europe and the UK.


Other Media:

29/6 -

BBC: "The current model for our High Streets is unsustainable"



Buy With Thrills intend to arrange and sponsor the Bournemouth Beach Race, an exciting sporting event with thrills on the unique beaches of Bournemouth. see more info here.







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Buy With Thrills Ltd


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274 Old Chrischurch rd






Tel Val: 07999 010 643

Tel Martin: 07932 630 499